Sunday, September 6, 2009

This is your brain on chemo

So, we already know that I'm having trouble counting to three, which is pretty sad if you ask me. Another thing I can't do: hold anything steady. This morning I put on a load of clothes, including my favorite pair of sweatpants. Then I put on my second-favorite (read: only other) pair and started making tuna salad. Halfway through opening the tuna can, I drop it... and get thick, greasy tuna oil all over my pants. The only clean pair I have. So I washed them out in the sink -- and spill detergent in the floor. At this point, the whole shaky hand thing is getting pretty annoying.

The silver lining is that spilling the detergent motivated me to sweep my floor, which means there are no more hairball/dust bunnies living under the bed. They got relegated to the trash can. Poor little bunnies. ;)

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