Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wild goose chase

This afternoon I went to the grocery store to stock up on some basics... eggs, milk, tuna, soft sandwich rolls (sliced bread is rough!)... you get the idea. Left the bottom floor of the supermarket with two bags of groceries and went up to the middle floor to buy chocolate. Smelled something warm and good on the chocolate floor and went to go investigate... onion/cheese foccacia for 3.90. Perfect lunch. Grabbed some, put it in the chocolate bag and hurried out to try to get home by the time my mom wanted to call me.

So I sat at the tram stop for 5 or 10 minutes, finally getting on one that goes a few blocks away from where I normally like to get off. I get off and notice that I have a problem... only two bags. The chocolate/foccacia bag (the most important one!) was missing. Okay. Wait at the tram stop for 10 minutes to catch the tram back to where I started from. Get in tram. Go one stop before realizing... hey, it smells like foccacia in here. I shouldn't be able to smell it if it isn't here. Bag recount! One... two... oh, hey, here's the third bag. I was carrying it all along.

Of course, by now I'm going the wrong way to get home, so I have to get off and wait at the tram stop for another 5 minutes to get the right tram. Got home half an hour later than I wanted to. I really wonder about the state of my mind sometimes...

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