Sunday, February 22, 2009

I guess I've finally recovered from Vermont

It snows a lot in Vermont. Usually from mid-October to mid-May, with everything that falls from December through February piling higher and higher because usually there's no thaw until March.

Moving from San Antonio to Middlebury was a rude awakening, let me tell you.

Three years of lots of snow, little sunlight and temperatures as cold as -40°F/C (not factoring in wind chill!) was enough to last me a lifetime.

The one winter I spent back in Texas was a relief. No snow. Lots more light and very few days where the temperature hit freezing. No reason to put on more than one layer of clothes at any given time.

Then I moved to Switzerland. It snows a lot in Switzerland, although not very much in Geneva. We had two days of snow the first winter I was here, and about five days of snow the second winter. After Vermont, I should be able to handle that, right? No way. On mornings when I woke up to snow outside, I cried. I hated snow so much. Even one day of snow a year was too much for me.

And now, this winter it has snowed countless times. Supposedly it is the snowiest winter Geneva has had since 1985. And you know what? I love it! It's so soft and quiet and soothing. It makes the town slow down and be less busy. And, let's face it -- 25 above is a heatwave compared to 40 below.

I'm still never moving back to Vermont, though.

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The DP said...

My stepfather is from Vermont. He left in 1966. No, he never wants to move back. Feel you on that one because I am about over this snow.