Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hey, ho, nobody's home

It's a gorgeous day in Geneva. Blue skies, warm (for winter) weather, little chirping birdies all over the place. Perfect day to go walk around town.

This morning I went down to the rues basses, which are normally chock-a-block full of pedestrians. Not today. The stores were really empty, too, which suits me just fine -- I had a nice, leisurely shopping trip where I got two winter/spring skirts that were originally more than 100 francs each for just 35 francs total. And the buses and the streets were empty... I guess everyone is out skiing. I don't know why. I'd much rather walk around town with my coat unbuttoned than freeze my butt off on the slopes, especially after four months of colder-than-usual weather.

Especially since it's supposed to be gross outside tomorrow...

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