Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do you mind?!

I consider myself to be pretty darn near to fluent in French. I speak French just as easily as I speak English. I read and watch TV in French all the time. I go to school in French. Heck, I even dream in French!

But sometimes there are situations where only English comes to mind. For example, yesterday in the bus a woman and her backpack sat next to me. But instead of facing forwards in her seat, the woman was sitting sideways with her legs and feet out in the aisle and her backpack in my lap.

The only think I could think of to say was, "Do you mind?!"

Somebody please teach me how to convey that sentiment in French...


Global Librarian said...

Not sure what the French words are, but perhaps shoving the backpack out of your lab would work?

Or would that be considered rude? :-)

The Lone Beader said...

Just say 'Zut Alors!', and they'll get the idea. LOL

cncz said...

my husband would say something sarcastic like "vous permettez?" or "dis-moi si tu veux que je portes ton sac à dos pour toi"