Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today and tomorrow are the last few days of sunshine that we're going to have for awhile... Today I went on two walks and spent half an hour reading on a park bench. It feels good to get outside and get away from exams and studying for awhile.

On Thursday, a friend and I discovered the best ice cream store in Geneva. It's really expensive, but well worth it. We ordered a half liter of cinnamon and chocolate mint, and it was delicious! Here's a picture of the store:

It's at Place de la Navigation (close to the train station), just in case any of you pass through Geneva and get a hankering for homemade ice cream.

Five exams down, one to go... keep your fingers crossed that I've passed everything!

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Dixie said...

Oh that's not just ice cream - that's gelato! So much better than normal ice cream.

Go see my blog entry for Sunday June 24 - that may be a blogging activity you'd be interested in...and very good at since you know French and Spanish inside and out!