Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Aaahhhh. Nice.

It was very hot today. I'm still trying to get used to hot without air conditioning. But I found a great way to beat the heat... I went to the grocery store and walked veeeeery sloooowly down the refrigerator aisles. Mmmmm. I was probably in everybody's way (and I didn't need to buy anything refrigerated), but it felt oh so good.

Four and a half exams down, one and a half to go. (The "half" is a take-home exam on Islamic finance.) I'm done on Monday afternoon, and Paris Hilton will be getting out of jail just a few short days later. Yay for me! (I'll reserve judgement on Paris.)

Tomorrow is the first day of summer and my swimsuit still hasn't arrived from the US... it's going to be another scorcher.


Dixie said...

Want to find a really cool place when it's scorching outside? Find yourself a big church. A big stone church. They're always like meat lockers inside.

Irie said...

No ac? Poor kitty!