Sunday, June 14, 2009

This proves my point.

This is why you never, ever trust anyone who says they can translate into multiple languages: because unless they're completely bilingual (which is very rare, even in Europe), they can't. Case in point: AZ translation center. They claim to be the best rated around the world for translations into English. Here's an excerpt from their website:

Functional approach to translation

We apply style known as functional approaching to translation in Translation Center: translated document shall be used as original of its text in adopted culture. It means that if document is legal document, it shall be considered in legal document form. If it's in technical means, target shall be corresponded to all weight and size used in the culture.

We translate everything page by page, too. You will get prints, colors, distances, graphics, formats, headings in formalization form under original. Each of person using from translation will not need to go to other place for checking translation and words among original, sentences, annexes or extracts. We are pleasure to present translations of title papers and when a lot of document translations been in normal format you are getting title paper format without any expenditure.

Translation Center provides services for some business, schools, hospitals, organization of health and service to people, law companies, banks, art organization and individuals. Clients include great multinational businesses, local small business and individuals. We are center of full service with service in language more than 30. Majority of our clients are in Baku, but we have national and international clients in increasing number.

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Tom said...

Very impressivizing this translationating servicing becomes.

I'm glad to know that not everyone in Europe is bilingual.