Saturday, April 18, 2009

So many things to write about...

...and too much stress to do it. I meant to spend all day in the library doing some investigating for the last chapter of my thesis -- but it's closed. Not a happy camper.

So I find myself reading blogs, reading the latest book that was lent to me (which is set in Fredericksburg, TX, 20 minutes away from the town where I lived for five years -- it's so weird to be that familiar with a book setting), rehearsing Mendelssohn's Psalm 42, and stressing. It's hard not to stress when you're facing a looming thesis deadline, working 20 hours a week on a contract that ends in two months, uncertain about whether the place you've found to live for the next year is actually yours yet, needing to find a job, starting to go to synagogue, and uncertain about whether you'll be working or in school again next year. All at once.

I could so use a hug right now.

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