Sunday, April 19, 2009

Of all the things to go dumpster-diving for...

Last week I got caught up on all my filing (bills, bank statements, paystubs, school stuff, etc.) It had been several months since I'd last done any filing because my binders were full and I was too lazy to go buy a new one at school on a Monday afternoon before the weekly student government meeting. I don't have a file cabinet, so I have to punch holes in all these papers to store them.

Among the vast quantities of papers that I filed was the receipt half of the bill for my new room (anybody out there want to help me move on July 1st?) The bill had to be paid by April 7th, and I got that done well within the deadline, but I realized this week that I haven't gotten confirmation that the dorm director has received the money. This means that as soon as the library opens tomorrow, I need to photocopy the receipt and send it to the director to make sure they know I paid on time. No biggie, right?

Well, wouldn't you know... the hole punch punched out the day on the postmark stamp, meaning that I wouldn't be able to prove I paid on time. Unless the little hole I punched out was still in the trash (along with a few hundred or so of its brothers and sisters)...

Yes, that's right. I dug through my trash and sorted through a bazillion paper punches to find the one with the postmark day on it.

And I found it! Crisis averted.

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