Thursday, August 16, 2007

There's a first time for everything

Today was my first eye exam in French. I had to have it done to exchange my Texas "driver" license for a Swiss "driving" license. Never mind that I already had an eye exam to get my Texas license.

So, after verifying that I know my colors, numbers and shapes in French (and that my depth perception sucks) I passed my exam. Now all I have to do is keep the paper safe until Monday, when I can go turn it in to the "driving" license office. (Yes, the terms "driving" and "driver" license bother me. I'm used to thinking of it as a "driver's" license.)

I also decided to get my behind in gear and start exercising again. I haven't gone jogging in two or three weeks because of the heat, and I can tell that I've gained weight. I'm not overweight by any stretch of the imagination, but I also don't feel like becoming overweight. I managed to jog for two miles, which isn't too bad. I'd like to get up to doing three miles, but that might take awhile.


The Lone Beader said...

Hmmm.. intersting... something tells me I wouldn't pass that test.. (the French part) LOL.

Expat Traveler said...

Do you know if all expats have to take the test in any of the official languages?

I'm pretty sure I'd pass it in french also.. OF course I sort of don't need a Swiss license here in Canada.

My Canadian one was even easier. I think I had to get my photo taken, verified my vital stats and then I was done. I was shocked it was that easy!

And the jogging thing.. Where's the music?? My motivation was bringing my music with me and well if you have a friend to go with, it's much more fun!