Friday, August 24, 2007

Ford is the best in Texas

I grew up hearing this slogan at least once a night on TV. I loved Ford commercials, even though nobody in my family ever drove one. So you can imagine my shock when I was seven years old, at my grandparents' house in Louisiana, hearing a Louisiana Ford commercial for the first time. They did not say "Ford is the best in Texas". I was so upset. Why didn't Louisiana know that Ford is the best in Texas?

Now I'm working on a translation project for my thesis. It's a book geared for a teenage audience, and there are tons of cultural references in it. And so it's my job to help the hypothetical average teenage American reader navigate through all of these references and all of the differences between French teenage life and American teenage life without feeling lost. And to help them understand that things are done a little differently in France, but that doesn't mean that they're wrong... just different.

And it's okay if they don't say that Ford is the best in Texas.

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The Lone Beader said...

HA! That's funny!

I'm a Chevy girl.. :)