Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Haiku

It's hot and muggy
I need to buy a good fan
So I can cool off.

The weatherman lied
He said it would rain today
But it is bone dry.

TF1 sucks rocks
There's no reception today
Bye-bye, CSI.

Loud party outside
Playing New Kids on the Block
I'd forgotten them.

23 minutes of running
--Especially when it's hot--
Can tucker you out.


the lone beader said...

Weathermen always lie! I can't believe that a degree is required to be a meteorologist... LOL

cncz said...

i have been carrying my umbrella (resisting the urge to type it rihanna style) for a week because of stupid, liars

Dixie said...

"resisting the urge to type it rihanna style" crack me up!

We were supposed to have thundershowers this afternoon. We got what amounts to someone merely spitting on the sidewalk.