Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Bastille Day!

I know, I know, I'm not in France, but we're more or less an island in the middle of France, and I'll take any excuse to celebrate. I could see four different fireworks shows from my 7th/8th-story (depending on whether you're counting European or American floors) window last night... they lasted for over an hour! It was fun. I also got to watch the parade on TF1 this morning... it's still weird to think of Sarkozy as the French president.

Today I went swimming for the first time this summer (finally!) The lake here is a lot colder than the lakes in Texas! But the water was warmer today than it was last weekend, so I jumped in. It felt good.

Last night I finished the rough draft of the first chapter of the translation I'm doing for my thesis. On to chapter two now... (Who wants to start taking bets on whether or not "the horizontal bump-and-grind" makes it into the final draft?)

I have been in nesting mode lately... all of the sudden I have this crazy desire to settle down, get married, move into an apartment of my own, etc. I cried like nobody's business over the season 3 Grey's Anatomy finale last night, just because none of the characters' love lives were working out. I find myself wondering how people met their spouses, how people decide to get married, and all that good stuff. There's a boy that I like, but at the moment we're just friends, and I don't know how to move beyond that stage. I'm awfully shy, especially around him! Time will tell, I guess.

I skipped my run today... it was too hot! I'll have to make it up tomorrow.


Global Librarian said...

Supposed to be even hotter today!

Take your time and just enjoy where you are right now. People who marry young tend to have a higher rate of divorce.

My husband and I both waited to marry until we were in our 30's. It was the best decision. In your 20's you are still figuring out who you are and what is important to you.

I shudder to think about who I would have married had I tied the knot in my 20's. Even though I loved them and thought them perfect for me at the time.

Definitely would have divorced!

The Lone Beader said...

I'm in love with a man right now, but we're just friends, and it is PAINFUL...But, that's a long story I can't get into right now...

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever have the opportunity to get married...

Twango said...

I'm single right now. uggghhh

I must ask. You mentioned 7th or 8th floor depending upon if you are European or American. I'm completely confused on that. What would be the difference?

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

Twango--Europeans call the ground floor Floor 0 instead of the first floor. So I live on what Europeans call the 7th floor, but Americans call it the 8th floor.

Clear as mud? :)

Twango said...

Ya know, I was kind of figuring it was going to be something like that.

That's odd to me (I guess most Americans as well). I mean, it's still a floor.

It's those little things that just blow my mind.