Monday, April 2, 2007

Things I miss from home

Lately I have been missing a lot of things from home. I guess it's normal to miss things when you reach your six-month anniversary of being away.

What I miss most right now are my dogs. I miss them so much that lately I've been dreaming about them! Here's a picture I took for my stepdad as part of a Father's Day present:

That's Lucy on the left and Osker on the right.

They each have some pretty odd talents... Lucy, for example, likes to jump through the window that connects the living room to the kitchen. She can make it from the back of the sofa to the kitchen sink without disturbing a single one of the figurines on the windowsill. Every once in a while, we find her licking the dirty dishes clean.

Osker, on the other hand, likes to watch TV:

Horses and dogs get his attention pretty quickly!

I also miss cheddar cheese. In the US, I could go through a pound or more of cheddar a week. But in Switzerland, cheddar is sorely lacking. One of my professors has promised to try and find some for me, so keep your fingers crossed!


The Lone Beader said...

Awwwww... So cute!

Dixie said...

Cheddar is nearly impossible to find in Germany. You can get it but it costs a fortune.

You can, however, get all the stinky French cheese that you want.

Those pups are so cute! My dog, Bonnie, loves to watch TV too. She likes the news best.