Friday, April 6, 2007

Peeling asparagus

The weather was so lovely today that I quickly tired of doing homework and decided to go for a walk along Lake Geneva. I started off at the Flower Clock, crossed the bridge, and then walked up through all the lakeside parks until I made it to the botanical gardens. And I didn't wear a coat!

The Flower Clock (with the fountain in the middle of the lake in the background):

Flamingoes at the botanical gardens:

A pretty flower:

I have an itch!

The creepy carousel (yes, that's an upside-down lion!) :

After I got back this evening, I decided that I needed to find a way to listen to the Swiss news on the internet (since I don't have TV). After the local news station got through its reports on the British sailors returning home, the French presidential election and the prankster who forged emails in the name of a politician in Jura, they came to the most important story of the day... the giant asparagus-peeling machine at Migros.


I didn't even know you had to peel asparagus...


Dixie said...

You definitely have to peel asparagus else it's very tough and woody. It's a bit like peeling a carrot.

I have an asparagus peeling machine. I call it "mother-in-law".

naechstehaltestelle said...

I just found that out after serving a nice plate of unpeeled white asparagus to the in laws. Not a big hit with them.