Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On hold

I had a whole bunch of projects for this summer. Finish thesis. (Man, how I would like for that thesis to be finished!) Prepare presentation and defend thesis. Check out the kosher butcher and baker in town, as well as the kosher aisles in the grocery store. Start observing basic kosher rules. Start observing Shabbat (and find someone to observe with!) Talk to the rabbi (probably several times, knowing how those things go) to get set to start conversion classes.

But first I had to spend two weeks in the hospital (got out the day I was supposed to defend my thesis) and I'm working on getting better at home now. And very soon I'll be put on a medicine whose most common side effect is extreme feelings of fatigue, which make it hard to do just about anything. So I don't know how to plan anymore. And I'm the sort of person who insists on having a plan. Guess I'll have to work on that some.

Gotta get used to being on hold...

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