Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where did January go???

I cannot believe that it's the middle of February already! January went by in a blur because I was sick. Two weeks of bronchitis, a week of a cough, and a week of bad allergies. I think I singlehandedly made Kleenex sales in Switzerland skyrocket...

Being sick didn't keep me out of trouble, though. Back while I had bronchitis, we had a business/social dinner with a VIP and his wife. I didn't have much time to get ready, and my ride came to pick me up early. She called me and told me to get my behind downstairs ASAP... so I threw on my skirt and boots as quickly as I could and ran downstairs to the car.

Now, mind you, having bronchitis meant that I could only talk like this. I could barely make myself heard to the person sitting next to me, much less to the entire room. Before going to the restaurant, we had a bit of a social hour, and I was stuck there in the middle of everybody, unable to say a word. Then, as we were leaving for the restaurant, my Swiss mom pulled me aside and said, "Hey... You know you're wearing one black boot and one brown boot, right?"

Um, no. I didn't know. And I think I would have been better off not ever finding out, thanks.

Then, when we got to the restaurant, I ended up sitting across from the VIP's wife. Right after we sat down, she asked me a question and I answered as loudly as I could. Her jaw dropped, and she exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, you've lost your voice! I was wondering why you weren't talking to anyone... I thought you were really aloof or shy or something." Nope, sorry. My vocal cords just don't work.

Between the mismatched boots and the whispering, she must have really thought that I was crazy... (!)

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