Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a day for a race

The weather this morning was terrible. Dark, grey, very rainy, wind... I was mighty glad that I didn't have to do anything but stay inside and work on my thesis. (Yes, I am actually working on it!)

Except that I forgot that I didn't have anything to eat in the fridge. So I had to go buy groceries.

The first thing that I noticed was a bit off was that one of the big, shiny new buses came to pick us up at the bus stop. We've never had one of the big, shiny new buses on our route before. We always get the old orange ones (because they can be attached to the overhead electrical lines).

I didn't really think much about it, though. I mean, after all, there's no law that says that the new buses can't run on our route. But then we started a wide detour around the downtown stops, it hit me... duh, today is the Escalade race. Ugh. Who would want to run all over the Old Town in such horrible weather?

Anyway, so our bus was making a wide detour around the race area. As part of this detour, we had to turn up a narrow road where the buses don't normally go. And what do you know...

Some idiot had parked in the middle of the road. And since the buses can't back up, we were well and truly stuck. Halfway across town from where I wanted to be, so getting off the bus would have been futile. We sat there for 15 minutes or so until the idiot came and moved his car (at which time he got a lecture from the bus driver and the parking police about why we don't park our cars in non-designated areas, much to the delight of the bus passengers).

At any rate, I eventually made it to (and back home from) the grocery store and got four pages written on my thesis. It's nice to finally be making some solid progress. Hopefully the chapter I'm working on will be done tomorrow...

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Dad said...

'What a day for a race' or was it 'What a day to send the wrong bus'? Clearly the bus company should have sent out their fleet of "Escalade" buses in order to "scale" such inevitable obstacles on race day!