Friday, December 26, 2008

Swiss consumerism

After-Christmas sales started here today, much like in the US. Today was a bit special in Geneva, though, because the stores stayed open until (drumroll please)... 7:30 or 8:00 at night! How convenient to have late-night shopping!

I bought three tops and a cute bag at Promod today, all for 50% off. I deliberated awhile over whether to get the bag -- it was cute, but never in my life have I come anywhere close to paying 45 francs for a purse -- but I'm glad I did in the end, since it was the second-to-last one left and it rang up for only 22 francs. Nice to have little surprises like that!

I was hoping to get a sweater or two at H&M, too, but they had close to zero selection and zero sales, so I walked out empty-handed. I guess a lot of people were as disappointed as I was, since there was no line at the register and it was the emptiest store on the street (usually it's the busiest).

Happy shopping day!

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