Saturday, November 15, 2008

So French

From French police dramas...

Clip 1 (from a movie about a female customs police officer): The customs police are chasing bad guys armed with automatic weapons. The bad guys are spraying bullets everywhere, but not a single one of the police officers draws his weapon. The bad guys prepare to escape in a getaway car, and all the police officers scramble to get into their cars to chase the bad guys. Suddenly, the heroine of the film arrives at the scene, draws her weapon, aims... and gets run over by a fellow police officer's car before she can fire.

Clip 2 (from tonight's episode of a weekly, hour-long police drama): a female police officer gets shot by a female bad guy in a warehouse raid. The female bad guy runs away, and the rest of the police force gives chase. This time, at least, they have their weapons drawn. The female bad guy is shooting over her shoulder, then stops, turns around and starts aiming and shooting at the pursuing cops for real. They hit the ground, even though there's nothing in between them and the bad girl to protect them. They never even try to take a shot at her. But they end up getting saved by the fact that her gun jams and she can't shoot at them anymore. So she goes on the run again, quickly losing the police, finally stopping when she thinks she's in the clear. But one police car manages to catch up with her, and the police officer takes her out by... opening his car door in her face and knocking her out.

French TV is weird, y'all.

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