Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm still here!

I haven't really had much to blog about thanks to my thesis. I've turned in 28 pages over the past 7 days... just 22 more to write! I will be sooooo glad when it's all over with.


naechstehaltestelle said...

Holy cow...28 pages! Why don't you write my dissertation while you're at it. I'm stuck at...0 pages.

Rhonda said...

good luck getting it done! I've been thinking about you.

Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

Well, to be fair, I didn't write all 28 of the pages this week. I proofread and submitted 17 pages that I had written earlier, and I wrote 11 pages from scratch. Funny how the prospect of getting a job can light a fire under your tail!