Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hospital funny

Being in the hospital is not a very funny experience. In fact, it's one I'd like to avoid repeating at all costs. But breakfast provided the opportunity for a rather humorous encounter, given that it's been so long since I've eaten breakfast outside of my home that I've forgotten a lot of the cultural expectations here. Here's how my breakfast encounter with the nurse went:

Nurse: Coffee or tea?
Me: Neither, thanks.
Nurse: Don't you want to eat breakfast, Mademoiselle?
Me: Of course I do.
Nurse: Well, then, coffee or tea?
Me: I don't drink coffee or tea. Usually I just have water with breakfast.
Nurse: Well, then, you'll have hot chocolate.
Me: Oh. Okay. That'll be fine. Thanks.

Lucky for me, I love hot chocolate and had simply forgotten that it is a rather banal thing to order with breakfast, unlike in Texas.


The Lone Beader said...

It's funny that she made you order a hot drink!

Zhu said...

(Just browsing expats blogs and yours caught me eyes)

Sorry to hear you're sick (I hope they found what you had!) but the story is funny.

Little things are just different abroad...! :D