Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Home videos

Today we took a roadtrip to go visit my dad. He dug out a bunch of old home movies for me to watch while I was visiting him. (Side note: Oh my goodness! I had such an accent when I was little! I don't sound like that anymore.)

One of the videos was from the Christmas that was three days before I turned five. Now, you have to understand that I surprised the heck out of my parents when I started reading at 18 months of age. So on this Christmas before I turned five, I was quietly taking in all the presents under the tree. Just looking at them and calmly stating what they were, not touching them. Then my father told me to look in my stocking, so I did. When I saw what was in there, I started screaming, "Two new books! Two new books!"

Apparently, they were the best present I got that year.

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