Monday, September 10, 2007


Grocery stores here seem to have a hard time with the concept of one. My favorite cereal often comes in packs of two. So does my favorite pizza. Apples come in kilo bags, and bell peppers come three to a pack--one red, one yellow and one orange.

This weekend I wanted to make an omelette. Just one. I got all the ingredients I needed at the Migros up the street... except for the mushroom I wanted. All they had was big barquettes of them, and I only wanted one. So I went across town to a Coop that I knew sold individual mushrooms. Found the mushroom I needed, but still felt like something was missing. Then it hit me--onion! An onion would make my omelette tasty indeed. But... guessed it... they didn't sell single onions.

I have a kilo sack of golf-ball-sized onions sitting on my desk now. Anybody have any good onion recipes?


Marsha said...

French onion soup is just about my all time favorite soup. It freezes well and can be used as a broth for just about any recipe.

You might want to do a search for a real recipe because my memory is going, going, almost gone. I think it is 5 onions cut into thing stripes, saute on low temp for about 15 or twenty minutes until brown. Oh saute in olive oil, butter combo. Add salt and Pepper, some about a tbs of four, cook for another five minutes or so. Add some beef or veggie broth and some brandy. Bring to a boil.

The Lone Beader said...

At least onions will keep for while... I put them on salads, and pizza.