Sunday, April 29, 2007

Election weekend

It's election time again in Switzerland... it's the third time they've held elections in the six months that I've been here. I'm not really sure who's running for what--nobody has been able to explain it to me yet. But then, I don't have very many Swiss classmates. All I know is that a certain candidate with a French first name and a German last name needs somebody to help her with her makeup.

The election people have overtaken our school once again. Here's a picture:

No library, computer room, etc. from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon. At least I was forewarned this time.

Yesterday there were a lot of musical groups out and about. This group was playing downtown:

It was a little bit odd to see them winding their way through the Saturday market, playing songs that I would expect to hear out of the British army during the American Revolution! They were very good, though.

I've been good... yesterday I bought bananas, carrots and cherry tomatoes to snack on, and today I'm going on my fourth walk/run of the week. Go me!

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Dixie said...

Check you out! Doin' all that good, healthy stuff!